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About Edna
About Edna
Turn proposals into awards
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Successful track record

  • $240M award to Carnegie Mellon University to launch the Advanced Robotics for Manufacturing Institute

  • $16M project to install smart streetlights throughout the City of Pittsburgh

  • $60M for Stanford’s Graduate School of Business


  • $75M for the Children's Hospital at Stanford

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Edna Communications was instrumental in assisting our company with its largest and most critical RFP. Edna took the time needed to listen and comprehensively understand our company, our complex and technically oriented business model, and our unique value add. Her contributions ultimately resulted in our firm being awarded the contract. I'd hate to be the company going against Edna in another competitive bidding process!  We would not have been successful without her involvement.

I highly recommend Edna to anyone looking for the highest quality creative writing talent. You will not be disappointed!

Jimmy Janis

CEO and Co-Founder, The Laundry Chute, LLC

I worked with Edna on a major proposal for Carnegie Mellon University. We had a strong case to make but were struggling with how to frame it. We had to take input from multiple sources and appeal to a very broad audience, all with a single message. Without Edna, we would not have crossed the finish line on this one. We won the award and launched the Advanced Robotics for Manufacturing Institute as a result. Thanks, Edna!                           

Dr. Howie Choset

Co-founder Medrobotics, Hebi Robotics, and Bito Robotics

Professor of Robotics, Carnegie Mellon University

“I had the pleasure of working with Edna for 1 short project, but in those few weeks I developed a strong appreciation for how she approaches a project, and how she *thinks* about a proposal. While our team contained experts in our respective fields, we may not always be expert in how we articulate those strengths to a client. Edna was amazing in her ability to boil down complex situations to a handful of key points, and recommend an approach to succinctly lay out a logical and passionate argument on how to solve that problem, in a way that *matters* to clients.”

Jim Schriver

The Efficiency Network

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